AfterShock 2016


We believe an event has the potential to transform people. It is an opportunity to seek answers, getting inspired and discover different ways of facing life. It is a great opportunity to meet people and companies in the creative field, exchange experiences and understand the industry as a whole.

With this purpose in mind, AfterShock came to life.


The idea is to encourage new means of expression on what it means to be a designer according to what each establish as a professional enabler.

It is not about dictating rules and giving "THE ANSWER" to all professional or existential crises. Bringing good examples up close and showing the alternatives to open the mind and help each one to be able to seek their realization in the best possible way.


We are also responsible for doing the whole creative idea behind the event. The theme chosen was bathroom. Maybe we watched a lot of MTV when we were teenagers.

We created the whole fucking thing. Outstanding visual identity: Check. Incredible website: Check.
Aaaand the Titles with all the best guests that an event can have: Just press play and enjoy!


We have won several digital awards based on creativity with our AfterShock website. Here at Relâmpago we believe digital is a way to challenge usability rules, as well as legibility in typography. The more you do, the more original projects become.

This website is a form of expression within the theme of the event. We mixed humor, the bathroom identity, incredible animations and all the information to come up with Aftershock site.

Take a look!


  • Art Direction + Design
    Leandro Assis + Lucas Luz + Romulo Pinheiro + Paula Cruz
  • Animation
    Romulo Pinheiro + Paula Cruz
  • Website
    Leandro Assis + Lucas Luz
  • Code
    Lucas Luz + Harrison Mendonça
  • Special Thanks
    Birdo + Pum + Touts + Olho da Rua + Curaprox