Imagine you’re just dying for a hamburger and you find a place to eat. You get in, and a host leads you to your table. There are no waiters and no one in the cashier. You sit and find out you can order and pay through an interactive platform, just there on the table. Not a dream: that’s a real project on which we loved to work.

The technology makes it possible to create your own hamburger, pick a suggestion from the restaurant or even choosing one created by another customer.


Since we drool for hamburgers, we thought it’d be a good idea to make the prototype. Some ingredients were quite new — not unknown, though — for us: interactivity and technology research were nice sauces. We felt obligated to have hamburger for lunch everyday for a whole week, so it was a real dip in this universe. After then, we started avoiding McDonald's to look for real good meat.


Creating the digital interface, we had to work on branding, naming and even photographing. And our fun went further: we also cooked and called a chef to create recipes and the menu. At the end, it results in a unique product that represents the message we wanted to transmit.


  • Art Direction + Design
    Leandro Assis + Romulo Pinheiro
  • Animation + Photography
    Géssica Hage
  • Chef
    Gabriel Menezes