Rider #Dáprafazer


From the street, for the street, to the street. New ideas, new stages, connections.

Rider's festival #dáprafazer 2017 main aim was to celebrate alternative and independent creative scenes in Rio de Janeiro. During one month, artists, musicians, producers and entrepreneurs spread throughout the city and hosted four kick-ass free hybrid events. Free entry, for everyone.


We were invited to this project in order to reflect and connect Rio’s urban style to design. This event was rough, contemporary and street based. And our design shows it. We went to the best place to do our research: the street. We took photos, made videos and created a huge image collection of Rio’s street style in four days of visual research, each one focused in one of the places Rider’s festival happened: Madureira, Centro, Recreio and Caxias.


For the logo, we made a system where we could mix typographies that we saw on the streets with Arial, so that each region had a logo that represented it.


This visual collection showed some main features of Rio’s street elements: distorted bold Arial font faces, wheat-paste posters, colored tapes, A4 paper, black and white typography, mix between upper and lowercase. How could we NOT use these awesome so called “anti design” components in our design? These were the signs the street was showing to us. We couldn’t ignore it.


Our process was a mix of analog and digital experiments. We created a grid for typographic compositions, used it and then ignored it. We printed on A4 paper, pasted on each other, then ripped it. Crazy experimentations created a visual system.


Before the main four events, we had an awesome preliminary happening: Emicida’s Masterclass #dáprafazer. Rapper, businessman and entrepreneur, Emicida talked during two hours about creative process, his life and overcoming adversities. His amazing talk was surrounded by scenography, posters and visual communication created by us.


Arial font face occupied Rider’s festival. The visual system was mainly typographical, based in our research made in the streets. We had an essential grid to highlight visual hierarchy and composition. Posters, facebook posts, banners and wheat-posters are unfoldments of this grid.


Rider's festival #dáprafazer had a great participation of people that were called “fazedores”, which literally means “makers”. They are proactive entrepreneurs, local producers. They’re self-taught artists, street musicians, digital creators and so on. They take advantages of limitations and create opportunities everywhere. Awe-inspiring people making awe-inspiring things.


  • Art Direction + Design
    Leandro Assis + Nícolas Martins + Eduardo Massá + Heitor Menezes
  • Special Thanks
    Rider, Noix, Vinícius Mesquista, Poliana Pieratti
  • Photography
    I Hate Flash Team