One of the things that make us feel passionate about design is it’s high capacity of making things accessible. And that’s something Descomplica — which mean “make it easier” — is really good at. It is a platform for e-learning (one of the biggest in the world!) where students can take classes of all the important subjects they need to dominate in order to enter a university. Important thing: it’s easily affordable.


The platform help its users through video classes, mixing nice content, fun and entertainment. We are serious here: they have the power to make school better than watching a movie.


We’ve helped them creating their whole identity: branding, typography, icons, illustrations and even some cool animations to keep the user’s attention. And we are still involved with Descomplica in other missions, such as our first TV commercial! It was an awesome thing to do and we’re ready and excited for the next ones. Stay tuned!


  • Creative Director
    Victor Sahate
  • Art Direction + Design
    Leandro Assis + Romulo Pinheiro
  • Design
    Diego Leal + Dominique Kronemberger + Gustavo Côrtes + Igor Postiga
  • Product Design
    Daniel Araújo + Luciana Parente