Tenho Monstros na Barriga


Do you know how to deal with your feelings? Maybe it could be easier if we had sentimental education during our childhood.

That’s what the writer Tonia Casarin does in her book “Tenho Monstros na Barriga” (“I Have Monsters in My Stomach”).
It tells the story of a kid who has hard time understanding what she feels. Tonia presents us the feelings as monsters.


She called Relâmpago to bring those creatures alive — and we designed all the 10 of them. We decided to do something that was challenging for us and amazing for the project: papercraft.

It worked as a reward for the ones who supported the book through a crowdfunding campaign. The set of products also includes stickers, drawings for the kids to color and a weekly calendar where children can express what they feel each day.


The typography was also created by us, based in child’s body and its little belly (that’s why we call the typography “Barriguda”, the Portuguese word for paunchy). Readers have affection for the book because of the monsters. And when we saw some kids enjoying it.. we just felt delighted.


  • Art Direction
    Leandro Assis + Romulo Pinheiro
  • Photography
    Bruno Alvares
  • Special Thanks
    Carolina Novais + Dominique Kronemberger