We feel like proud uncles when we think about our work with Touts. Firstly, ‘cause the owners of the company are our friends. Secondly, ‘cause we were with them since the beginning, creating their identity and following their whole process of defining a style.


Touts gathers artists in a platform. They send their pieces, which can be printed in T-shirts, mugs, posters and cases for smartphones.

Working with them, we developed a typography. It was a challenge, since it was the first time we were delivering a gothic lettering, which had to be strong, to carry the whole idea of the brand and also to be unisex.

We also conceived a pack of illustrations and lettering for them to use in their slogan, Movidos a Pessoas Incríveis ("Powered by Awesome People”).


  • Art Direction + Design
    Leandro Assis + Romulo Pinheiro